Meet The Crew

Jacqueline Olive, Director/Producer/Writer
Jacqueline creates documentary projects that tell the stories of people, places and cultures underrepresented in mainstream media. She coordinated the production of the Emmy award-winning PBS broadcast documentary series, Independent Lens, and the internationally-themed documentary series, Global Voices. Bringing experience in the journalism field since 2002, Jacqueline co-created the hour-long documentary film Black to Our Roots, which recently broadcast on PBS World.

S. Leo Chiang, Director of Photography
Leo Chiang recently directed and filmed A Village Called Versailles, a documentary about the rebuilding and transformation of the Vietnamese American community in post-Katrina New Orleans, which was broadcast nationally on the Independent Lens series on PBS. Leo collaborates with other documentarians as a cinematographer, most recently for It’s STILL Elementary, 2009 and Ask Not, Independent Lens 2009.


Justin Schein, Photographer
Justin Schein is a documentary cinematographer and director who has shot over 60 films internationally for broadcasters including HBO, National Geographic, The BBC, The Discovery Channel and PBS. He filmed and directed No Impact Man:  The Documentary, My So Called Enemy, Four Seasons Lodge, and more.


Lewis Erskine, Supervising Editor
Lewis Erskine is an Emmy Award-winning editor with many years of experience and outstanding documentary films to his credits, including American Experience: Freedom Riders, Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple, Toots, American Experience: The Murder of Emmett Till, Ken Burns’ Jazz, The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords, and more.


Michaelle Stikich, Editor
Michaelle Stikich has been editing since she commandeered the family camcorder and VCR and made her first music video at the tender age of 14. For the last eight years she has worked as a professional editor in San Francisco for such clients as Google, Independent Television Service, Filmsight Productions and many others. Her work has screened at South By Southwest, Sonoma International Film Festival, and on PBS and MTV.


B. Quincy Griffin, Music Composer
Berkeley native B. Quincy Griffin has scored over a dozen feature films in 10 years, including Oscar nominated Daughter from Danang and Sundance Film Festival winner My Flesh and Blood. Quincy has drawn from a variety of music styles to create soundtracks for other PBS broadcast documentaries including Sentenced Home, Brother Outsider, and Speaking in Tongues.


Drew McGaraghan, Graphics Designer
A graphics designer since 1998, Drew McGaraghan has been senior designer for Vehicle Design for 9 years, working on print, web, 3D renderings & motion projects for Specialized, Nike, Reebok, Ariat, the NBA, Disney, and others. Drew especially enjoys designing motion graphics for film.