In Development


This VR experience is all about gaze and making users active participants in the story, intentionally creating room for their self-analysis as their viewpoint shifts from members of the crowds (and their varied responses to Jessamyn) to first-person experiences of the internal adjustments that she must make in order to navigate these spaces.

The VR storyline will unfold over 10-15 minutes along a narrative arc that examines the concepts of:

  • racialized public spaces

  • the impact of micro-aggressions

  • the connections between dehumanization and violence

  • depictions of black bodies, both positive and negative

  • yoga as a tool for building mental strength

The primary audience for this project is black women and all female-identifying people of color.  An important secondary audience is the most frequent users of VR, relatively affluent white men. The storyline should speak volumes to both groups with goals that are twofold:

  • to increase mainstream awareness of racialized public spaces as an unquestioned part of the institutions of racism that Americans move in daily

  • most importantly, to offer black women (and other women of color) more strategies that help them navigate the challenges of the racialized public spaces that they regularly confront