Immersive Media Producer/director

Jacqueline Olive brings 10 years of experience in journalism, Jacqueline Olive co-created the hour-long documentary film Black to Our Roots, which broadcast on PBS World. After assisting for three seasons with the production of the Emmy award-winning PBS documentary series, Independent Lens and Global Voices, Jacqueline now works as director, producer, and writer of the Always in Season documentary project, and she and the innovative team of SL developers profiled below, along with filmmaker Marco Williams, recently created the prototype for Always in Season Island.

Story Consultant

Marco Williams is a writer, director and producer Marco who tackles issues around race, identity and migration in his award-winning films. Born in 1956 he is known for Two Towns of Jasper (2002), Banished: How Whites Drove Blacks Out of Town in America (2006) and In Search of Our Fathers (1992). He is currently  a documentary filmmaker and professor of film production at New York University‘s Tisch School of the Arts. His films have received several awards, including the Gotham Documentary Achievement Award for Two Towns of Jasper and he has been nominated three times for the Sundance Film Festival grand jury prize.

Outreach Consultant

Bryan Carter, PhD is an Associate Professor of literature at the University of Central Missouri, specializing in African American literature. Dr. Carter created Virtual Harlem, an SL environment that replicates a portion of Harlem, NY as it existed during the 1920s. Virtual Harlem is one of the earliest islands created for use in the humanities and has been presented at venues in Paris, the Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, and the United States.

Development Consultant/Programmer

Paul Preibisch has worked for many years providing virtual world solutions for education in Second Life. A gifted programmer, Preibisch builds complex educational tools for schools and organizations in SL, providing content in a way that students appreciate while delivering the educational outcomes that organizations desire.

Digital Media Developers

Bernhard Drax is an award-winning machinima producer and pioneering journalist whose SL documentaries and news reportage merge real life and Second Life footage, documenting how virtual worlds can facilitate social change and cross-cultural collaboration.

Asri Falcone has created innovative content for Second Life for small businesses and major corporations. Widely known as a talented designer and owner of several original avatar hair and fashion lines, Falcone is crossing over the world of virtual fashion into real life production.

Kyle French is a successful graphic designer, SL developer, business owner, and student earning a graphics communications degree and Digital Media Certificate in Interactive Design. French has run a profitable SL business for 5 years that specializes in building and designing models and interactive material, education, and entertainment.

Tim Linder is an Assistant Professor in the Meramec Art Department where he teaches game design, digital media production, 3D animation, and web design at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Växjö University-Sweden and St. Louis Community College. Linder’s freelance work has been featured in Hollywood studio motion pictures, major title console game releases, and on national television commercials.